The mysterious and ethereal Miss Roberts along with her Rude Mechanicals is a whirlwind of strange songs, sounds and looks. Miss Roberts is the leader and her flamboyant persona has become the look of the band. She has put together an act that combines surreal stories, poetry and songs. The full band is a 5-piece, but happily capable of adapting to more intimate settings as a duo or trio.

Long term collaborator Cos Chapman has been with the band since inception - co-writing and arranges most of the music - currently plays baritone guitar, covering both bass and six-string duties. This strips back the sound allowing lyrics to be heard and giving space for saxophone and other instrumentation to come through without loosing power and drive. Jowe Head (Television Personalities, Swell Maps etc..) is currently our “gadget man” adding sonic delights from home made acoustic instruments and mini-synths to the mix. He’s also found the time to write several songs for the band - amazing considering all the projects hes got on the go! Drums from Kevin Mathews (Sex Gang Children, Unstoppable Achievers) brings a powerful, precise yet primal edge to the sound, also adding percussion, backing vocals and a flamboyant stage persona. The quintet is completed by Gardyloo Spew (The A-band, Spew) on sax and percussion, who’s riffing and soloing has become a key part of the sound.

The band has featured in Bizarre Magazine, is played regularly on Resonance FM, and had national airplay on the BBC6 as well as being picked up Irwin Chusid - Journalist and DJ of New York's WFMU Radio and Everett True in New Your’s Village Voice. Other collaborators include Mark Perry of Alternative TV and Sexton Ming.