Miss Roberts - Vocal, harmonica

Rude Mechanicals:
Miss Roberts
Cos Chapman
Jowe Head
Kevin Matthews

Philip Seargeant 

Jowe Head - Critter synth, concert zither, Kaossilator, thumb piano, pecussion etc. etc..

 Cos - Barritone Guitar

Cos - Barritone Guitar

Spew - Sax, melodica, percussion

Kevin Matthews - Drums, percussion

Miss Roberts

 Miss Roberts and Cos

Miss Roberts and Cos


"bands this good deserve your attention" 
(Sean O: RESONANCE 104.4FM


The mysterious and ethereal Miss Roberts along with her Rude Mechanicals is a whirlwind of strange songs, sounds and looks. Miss Roberts is the leader and her flamboyant persona has become the look of the band. She has put together an act that combines surreal stories, poetry and songs.

The Art-rock inspired Rude Mechanicals has been compared to Nick Cave, The Tiigerlillies, early Roxy and Can. They've been described as Post-Punk, Swamp Blues and Dark Cabaret - altogether creating a music that can best be described as “wild, wicked weirdness... a little bit Flying Lizards, a little bit Native Hipsters and a great deal like nothing you've heard before..." (Tom Robinson BBC6).

The band has featured in Bizarre Magazine, is played regularly on Resonance FM, and had national airplay on the BBC6 as well as being picked up Irwin Chusid - Journalist and DJ of New York's WFMU Radio. Collaborators include Jowe Head (Swell Maps, Television Personalities and now our bassist), Alternative TV and Sexton Ming (Medway Poets) and while Everett True (Village Voice), Rob Ellis (PJ Harvey, Spleen) and Django Bates (Loose Tubes etc.) have all admired their music.